Tourist-Information about iodined food in Germany

Tourist-Information about iodined food in Germany

Dagmar Braunschweig-Pauli M.A. Trier, den 12. November 2018


Important Information for all Persons, who want to visit Germany:

Food – also most of biofood - and Salt in Germany is usually iodined.

Milk, Butter, Eggs etc. – including also those from biofarms - are iodined, because in Germany the feeding of animals – often in biofarms too - is mostly iodined.

Salt- iodined Salt must be declared.

German food/German biofood, which includes iodined milk, butter, eggs, meat etc. is nearly generally iodined,
because the feeding of the animals in Germany (and also in Austria and Switzerland) is usually iodined, but not declared.

Tourists, who must or want to avoid iodine, have to ask for food without iodine or they choose products, for instance (all informations without guarantee, because situations can change) from France, Italy, Irland, Scotland, Poland, Israel, Newsealand, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Hungaria, Greece, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Netherlands, Russia, Swede, Tunesia, South Africa (s. Dagmar Braunschweig-Pauli: Kochen & Einkaufen ohne Jodzusätze, S. 24)

Attention: too much iodine - in food and medicine - can cause for example impotence, cancer, severe heart attack, Morbus Basedow, Morbus Hashimoto, miscarriage, depression, circulatory collapse, sudden heart death, chocking hazard, anaphylactic shock and several other severe deseases. (s. Dagmar Braunschweig-Pauli: Die Jod-Lüge. Das Lexikon der Jodkrankheiten, Herbig-Verlag, 2013)

All informations without guarantee, because situations can change.

© by Dagmar Braunschweig-Pauli M.A., Deutsche SHG der Jodallergiker, Morbus Basedow- und Hyperthyreosekranken, November 2018.